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EMT, your SF6 partner of choice

Defined by innovation and quality, our products and services deliver a complete SF6 management solution to ensure you have everything you need to keep your SF6 operations running smoothly. Put simply, we do it all and we’re the best at what we do.

Driven by a mission to re-think, re-define and revolutionise SF6 analysis and handling, our dedicated team have designed and manufactured a range of ground-breaking, task specific, patented SF6 technologies to improve standards and practice in T&D maintenance around the world – this is the EMT way.

Switchgear manufacturers and utilities maintenance personnel trust in EMT products because we deliver world-class SF6 management without limitations.

SF6 Gas Analysis and Testing

SF6 is used globally by the electric power industry as an insulating gas within medium and high voltage installations. Switchgear and circuit breakers require precise concentrations and purity of SF6 for optimal efficiency, while at the same time minimising emissions of this potent greenhouse gas with its high global warming potential. The quality of EMT’s SF6 maintenance equipment achieves both these goals.

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With a wealth of experience in gas measurement and testing spanning more than 50 years and everything in-house, EMT expertly deliver ground-breaking advances in technology and leaps in client application efficiencies. Our revolutionary analysis products are designed to reduce maintenance costs, comply with regulation, and minimise environmental impact. EMT customers worldwide benefit from fast, simple, accurate “health” data and a better understanding of long-term asset condition.

SF6 Gas Handling

Applications with the greatest impact on SF6 usage and reporting involve filling, topping up and leak management. EMT advise clients on how to effectively monitor and record SF6 emissions, and how best to perform key tasks safely, efficiently and compliantly.

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Mindful that plant availability and reliability amounts to efficiency and profitability, EMT have developed the Smartfill range for best practice SF6 gas handling – simple, efficient measurement and control with zero waste and zero leaks. EMT customers benefit from accuracy in monitoring, transparency of information, and control of SF6 gas inventory and usage.

Gas Safety

Utilities personnel working on Gas Insulated Switchgear are in danger from exposure to SF6 gas leaks. Colourless and odourless, SF6 can accumulate undetected, presenting serious health and environmental risk to operators carrying out routine maintenance on SF6 filled electrical equipment. EMT deliver effective, fixed SF6 gas detection safety systems, for rapid detection, immediate response, safe area protection. We also provide a range of portable gas detectors and personal safety monitors, from single sensor to multi-gas devices, for various applications, from leading manufacturers.

SF6 Leak Management

Plants filled with SF6 operating within the power transmission industry must ensure their assets remain operational, while monitoring and managing SF6 losses. EMT know that leaking assets present a major challenge to plant safety, and that functional performance may be affected by depleted SF6 levels

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We have developed a world-class portfolio of SF6 leak detection, management and repair solutions designed to save time, manpower and cost to operators in the T&D industry. Our innovations include SF6 monitoring techniques with on-demand live topping up capabilities to reduce emissions from gas insulated switchgear, patented technologies for corrosion prevention and permanent leak remediation products.

SF6 Fittings Hoses & Coupling Kits

EMT work on the principle that if you use our equipment we want to ensure you get the best quality measurements every time. Our wide range of stainless steel and brass SF6 fittings offer the right fit for any gas compartment.

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For routine switchgear maintenance EMT valves, couplings, fittings, regulators, adapters and sampling hoses ensure perfect, contaminant-free gas transmission every time – the benchmark in safety, efficiency and performance for SF6 gas filling and testing.

Site Services

Offering a range of technologies to provide clients with high quality solutions, EMT Site Services maintain asset reliability, ensuring long term asset compliance and performance, maximum up-time and security of critical infrastructure.

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We provide a solid resource and expertise to clients in key areas including SF6 leak detection, management and repair;  SF6 gas filling, topping up and recycling; SF6 equipment rental, calibration and training. This provision delivers key environmental and financial benefits and the highest level of technical-added-value to clients in the utilities sector.

EMT’s products and services deliver a total SF6 management solution to ensure you have everything you need to keep your SF6 operations running smoothly.