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Struggling with SF6 compartment nameplate inaccuracies causing “phantom emissions of SF6”?

The Smartfill Nameplate Validator from EMT solves these problems.


Proposed US CARB & EPA regulations allow utilities to retrospectively adjust SF6 nameplate values to the true SF6 content; if it is found to be >2% in variance. Nameplates have been found to be up to 15% inaccurate, leading to inaccuracies in SF6 inventory levels and false “leakages” reported when maintaining or disposing of SF6 equipment.


Utilizing EMT’s proven technologies, the Smartfill Nameplate Validator provides a quick, accurate and flexible method for determining the true mass of SF6 within a compartment, with the following benefits:


1. No need for a power outage – the test can be run on a live energised system
2. No need to remove all the gas or vacuum – reducing the risk of asset damage and time taken
3. No need for multiple large gas cylinders – minimising safety and manual handling issues
4. No need for extra manpower and time – the test can be run with one engineer <1hr
5. No need for gas carts and dedicated transport – provided in 3x easily transportable Peli-cases <65lb each


SF6 nameplate accuracy presents real benefits to utilities, reducing SF6 install base, reducing SF6 stock inventory, reducing reported leak rates and reducing potential fines and punitive actions for SF6 loss that never occurred.


Contact us today to see how we can help you effectively manage your SF6 inventory and meet the changes in regulation.