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All the highlights and headlines from EMT USA

The team are back at EMT HQ following a busy schedule in Florida last week.

All the highlights and headlines from EMT USA to follow:


New EMT office in Florida officially opens its doors to deliver service and support to US customers


EMT CEO Neil Kane, visited the new facility in Fort Lauderdale and was pleased to see US operations well underway. In addition to a sales and rentals hub, the site provides a service and calibration centre for customer equipment, providing valuable service and support for our US customers. This significant development was well received by visitors to the EMT booth at PowerTest.


Address details can be found on our homepage.



Rep conference proves very promising for the future success of EMT US operations


Having recently signed exclusive agreements with several experienced and professional US manufacturers’ representatives for our world class SF6 and Eco gas management solutions, the EMT senior management team led a conference for new appointments, which proved beneficial for all parties. A packed itinerary was delivered by VP Global Sales & Technical Services Neil Gwinnutt, which included live demonstrations and product training. The meeting was very positive and we are confident that these collaborations with established distributors, reputed for delivering premier products, will be dedicated to serving EMT customers in the Utility Substation, Transmission, Distribution and Generation industry.


Contact us for your local representative.

If you would like to join our US rep network please get in touch.



PowerTest 2023 delivers for EMT


The event was a huge success and delivered on so many levels. Proceedings kicked off with a presentation at the New Product Forum on EMT’s new multi-application SF6 & Eco gas solutions range, spearheaded by the world’s first 4in1 SF6 & Eco Gas Analyser, the Zerowaste Eco+.


This followed the next day by live product demos of our latest technologies for insulating gas analysis and handling, where the theme at the EMT booth was very much on future proofing insulating gas management equipment. There was a hive of activity with notable interest in the new Leak Hunter Dual SF6 & Eco Gas Portable Leak Detector, which generated a number of enquiries, given its appeal for addressing a major problem facing utility companies; one simple, portable instrument can perform two jobs efficiently and effectively, rapidly detecting leaks on GIS, switchgear and gas insulated compartments containing SF6 or Eco based insulating gases.


The EMT Moisture Pro also proved popular for its portability and smart features, with a number of utilities interested in adding the unit to their equipment inventory for fast, reliable and accurate moisture determination of their dry air, SF6 and alternative gas assets.


Another new concept creating a buzz at the show was the SmartMix Automated Gas Mixing System, which generated much discussion around the handling, mixing and control of gas, leading to several requests for custom projects by the EMT Engineering division.

EMT News SF6 Gas Analysis and Testing

Measure the moisture in your SF6, alternative eco gas or dry air assets with EMT Moisture Pro

Measurement of moisture in SF6, alternative eco gases or dry air assets is critical to the long-term health and reliability of the assets in T&D utility networks. A simple ‘GO/NO GO’ device, the EMT Moisture Pro is a smart survey meter for fast, reliable and accurate moisture determination. Packed with smart features, Moisture Pro is the essential device for every engineer’s tool kit, and is proving to be the instrument of choice with asset managers and compliance/operations personnel, specifying the unit for inventory – EMT have recently secured an order of multiple units for a major utility in the US.


  • Ultrafast analysis results in <2mins – reducing time/costs of gas testing, increasing efficiency/productivity of engineers
  • Highly accurate moisture measurement – 100°C to +20°C measurement range and +/-2°C accuracy over a range of 0-1.5MPa. Measurements also selectable in ppm(v), % rH, g/m3, mg/m3, g/m3 atm., mg/m3 atm., g/kg or °C Td atm
  • Other measurement parameters – temperature (-30 to +50°C) and pressure (0-1.5 MPa(g))
  • Handheld and lightweight – <2.7Kg for the whole kit (<1.5Kg for analyser) manoeuvrable and portable
  • 3.5” colour touch screen – simple intuitive software displays results numerically and graphically
  • Integrated operation with EMT parts – utilising EMT standard hoses and connections ensures engineers can utilise EMT fittings and analysers using the same equipment for reduced costs
  • Predictive end dew point – results within seconds using predictive algorithms
  • Integrated bluetooth communication – bluetooth wireless printer for reports on site
  • Integrated datalogger – comprehensive datalogger for recording measurement results of key site parameters (site, operator, notes) and also visual images
  • Integrated 5 megapixel camera – photos of the asset being tested can be tagged and downloaded from the instrument for audit trail and proof of assessment

The Moisture Pro is the ideal complimentary product to the Eco+ 4 in 1 SF6 & Eco Gas Analyser. Both products will be available for demonstration on booth S110 at CIGRE in Paris from Tuesday 30th August, so be sure to come along to the EMT stand for all the latest technologies from our SF6 & Eco Gas product ranges. There are still appointments available for an in-booth product demo so get in touch ahead of the show

EMT’s products and services deliver a total SF6 management solution to ensure you have everything you need to keep your SF6 operations running smoothly.