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Smartfill CTU 24/7 Leak Management

Leaking assets present challenges for utilities trying to keep their plant operational. Our unique leak management system is a live continuous SF6 topping up device, which provides automated, on-demand top-up capabilities in the event of a leak. The Smartfill CTU is designed to manage leak operations where regular, controlled top-ups are required. Using this zero-waste approach to replenish the gas results in reduced SF6 usage, inventory and costs.

EMT Smartfill devices operate under mass flow control using pressure sensors to continuously measure the gas in a compartment. The CTU is attached via a stainless-steel hose to the SF6 cylinder, and another hose is connected to the leaking asset. Once the pressure drops below a threshold the CTU kicks in and delivers a sample of gas to push the pressure back up. Micro-top-ups reduce the risk of over filling or flash filling, ensuring assets remain operational and at peak performance.

Where GIS performance may be affected by depleted SF6, Smartfill technology secures continuity for Transmission Network Operators, offering the most effective solution for leaking assets. For this reason, EMT customers specify the CTU on their emergency response equipment register.

Designed to be left in the field for extended periods of time this smart solution provides safe and secure operation via remote access, SMS technology and traffic light warning system. All data is stored within the unit and operators are only required to attend site if alerted of any issues.