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Leak Hunter Dual SF6 & Eco Gas Portable Leak Detector

Utilising Infra-Red detection technology the Leak Hunter allows leak detection on gas insulated compartments containing SF6, C4-FN, CO2 or Dry Air insulating gases; one instrument, multiple jobs.

Leak Hunter enables quick and reliable identification of SF6 and Eco gas leaks for early intervention:


  • Reducing the rate of gas loss; so reducing costs associated with gas usage and top-up
  • Complying with regulations; so reducing costs associated with regulatory body fines
  • Ensuring the efficiency of assets, safety of personnel, and protection of the environment
  • Detects SF6 and Eco gases in one unit
  • Utilises IR technology for gas specific leak detection
  • 2 stage sensitivity
  • Highly sensitive for hard to find leaks
  • Longest sensor life in the industry (5yrs life)
  • Simple swap-out sensor modules for SF6 or Eco gases
  • New lithium ion battery
  • 10hr battery pack life
  • Quick charge capability
  • USB charging cable to allow for vehicle charging
  • Field changeable battery packs to allow extended leak surveys
  • Headphone jack and mute capability
  • Automatic and manual zero modes
  • Rugged carrying case included

Options and upgrades available for this product:

Gas Leak Detection & Repair Kit


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