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SF6 Leak Management

Leaking assets present a major challenge to plant safety, and functional performance may be affected by depleted SF6 levels. EMT have developed a world-class portfolio of SF6 leak detection, management and repair solutions designed to save time, manpower and costs to operators in the T&D industry.

Plants filled with SF6 operating within the power transmission industry must ensure their assets remain operational, whilst monitoring and managing SF6 losses. EMT provide a range of products and services for SF6 leak management; which incudes SF6 leak surveys, fixed and portable SF6 leak detection systems, continuous SF6 leak monitoring equipment, and SF6 leak repair services.

Explore SF6 Leak Management Products & Services

In leak management continuous top-up mode, Smartfill Eco+ monitors asset pressure 24/7/365, delivering gas to the system as required, automatically in small doses, ensuring 100% up time and reduced insulating gas leakage rates.

A complete low cost, portable solution for on-site engineers and maintenance staff, delivering quick and easy results for insulating gas leaks – everything you need to locate the leak, contain the leak and repair the leak in one kit.

Utilising Infra-Red detection technology Leak Hunter enables leak detection on gas insulated compartments containing SF6, C4-FN, CO2 or Dry Air insulating gases; one instrument, multiple jobs

The GasSafe Fixed Leak Detection system offers a comprehensive and feature packed solution to monitoring real time gas leaks and potentially unsafe gaseous emissions from electrical equipment.

EMT provide a range of on-site SF6 leak management services to operators in the power generation sector. Our certified engineers are expert in SF6 leak detection surveillance and are fully trained and experienced in surveying SF6 filled installations.

The EMT Site Services team has a lot of experience finding and fixing SF6 gas leaks. Our experts use proven EMT technologies to locate, prepare, seal and test leaks to ensure critical assets remain operational.