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Smartfill MFU SF6 Filling and Topping Up System

Used widely in electricity substation maintenance, Smartfill provides a simple, efficient, zero emission alternative to manual filling and top-up of SF6 compartments. Filling of newly installed SF6 assets and refilling of in-service assets can be achieved automatically during live energised operations. Topping up leaking or damaged SF6 assets can also be completed without an engineer. Designed to accurately measure, control and monitor SF6 gas passing through the network, this smart solution delivers compliant measurement of SF6 inventory and usage with complete traceability.

Simple and practical for best practice SF6 handling, Smartfill technology carries out filling and topping up protocols automatically and safely. Set parameters and WiFi connectivity allow for remote operation via mobile device, safe distance working and auto shut down in the event of an emergency.  Datalogging records exactly how much SF6 gas has been used during procedures and the process is supported by a range of Smartfill accessories including heater blankets, fittings kits and sample hoses.

Our instruments use mass flow controllers for SF6 handling the smart way. This gives added control over the process ensuring the right amount of gas has been installed and the compartment is at the right pressure. Mass flow provides accurate, repeatable measurements and flow rates are controlled: Filling – high flow rate up to 50 Kg/hr. Topping Up – low flow rate up to 15 Kg/hr.

Filling and topping large volumes of gas can create potential issues. Smartfill technology minimises these risks ensuring safe and efficient controlled live fills. Utilities globally choose Smartfill for their switchgear maintenance saving them time, money and downtime.