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Gas Carts

EMT supply a range of gas servicing equipment for best practice SF6 gas handling, which evacuates air and moisture prior to filling, to ensure regulated filling of SF6 equipment. Our range of gas carts are designed for the recovery, temporary storage, conditioning, and dispensing of SF6 gas; for use in field service of insulated metal clad switchgear, bus ducts and individual circuit breakers.

We supply a wide range of custom built gas carts designed to meet the needs of modern gas handling. Simple, safe, efficient, and economical these carts are built to the highest quality standards and assure many years of trouble free operation with minimal maintenance.

Designed to allow operators to evacuate, store and re-use SF6 on their networks, our carts offer world beating recovery and purification of SF6 gas by absorption and removal of particles, moisture and SF6 decomposition products.


The system evacuates air and moisture from serviced equipment to dry and filter SF6 prior to re-charging. The gas is then re-evaporated and regulated; re-filling of SF6 equipment completes the process. The carts perform a number of key functions throughout the procedure to ensure safety, performance and reliability.

EMT recommend the following options and upgrades for this product:

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Annual servicing is recommended for this product.