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Zerowaste Rapide Eco+ 4in1 SF6 & Eco Gas Analyser

The world’s first 4in1 analyser for the measurement of SF6, C4-FN, Natural Origin Gases and Dry Air insulating gas applications.

Designed as a single portable analyser the Zerowaste Rapide Eco+ can measure:

  • SF6 purity and breakdown gases
  • C4-FN blends and breakdown gases
  • Natural Origin Gas blends and breakdown gases
  • Dry Air blends and breakdown gases

The Zerowaste Rapide Eco+ provides the following additional features & benefits over traditional SF6 or Eco gas analysers:


  • 4in1 analyser reducing capital expenditure on multiple analysers
  • Utilises EMT’s advanced IR sensing technology
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY on IR sensors & 5yr life on SO2 sensors ensures reduced cost of maintenance
  • UPGRADE from existing SF6 Rapide+ analysers you already own to include new Eco+ capabilities
  • 4x more productivity than using multiple analysers
  • Reduced asset requirement, reduced training, reduced cost to utilities
  • Low cost of service & calibration; one instrument, one calibration
  • ULTRAFAST test capability, results in 1-2 minutes
  • Unique 0-10,000ppm CO sensor for heavily degraded C4-FN gas measurement
  • Portable, lightweight & battery powered, with AC power capability
  • Compliant to IEC & CIGRE SF6 standards, and pending alternative gas standards
  • Large multi-function touch screen colour display with NEW Eco+ software
  • Easily verify & check calibration with EMT Verify Cal Gas Kits
  • Real time moisture/dewpoint graph for all applications

It is recommended that all EMT analysers are serviced on a 2 year cycle. EMT service centres in the UK and USA provide comprehensive service and maintenance plans and service packages to ensure your analyser is always in full working condition for optimum performance.