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SF6 Gas Analysis & Testing

Our revolutionary SF6 analysis products are designed to reduce maintenance costs, comply with regulation, and minimise environmental impact. EMT customers benefit from quick, simple, accurate “health” data on SF6 composition, decomposition products and impurities, and a better understanding of long-term asset condition.

Fast, portable, laboratory standard measurement out in the field; measuring up to 11 gases in just 1 minute, our analysers are simple to use, fully compliant, with zero emissions – delivering increased productivity and efficiencies in manpower, time and costs, without compromising performance.

Explore SF6 Gas Analysis & Testing Products

The world’s first 4in1 analyser for the measurement of SF6, C4-FN, Natural Origin Gases and Dry Air insulating gas applications – in one simple device

Superior performance analysis, measuring SF6 gas purity in gas insulated switchgear and high voltage equipment. Delivering laboratory-standard accuracy, stability and repeatability in the field.

Weighing less than 1.8kg and battery operated for up to 8hrs, the Asserolyz-IR with optional shoulder harness, is the lightest and most portable SF6 analyser used in HV electrical installations.

An accurate and smart survey meter for fast, reliable moisture determination in SF6, Natural Origin Gas or Dry Air insulated electrical equipment assets.

EMT Verify NIST traceable verification gases ensure that the results generated from gas analysers are accurate, reliable and valid for use in accordance with ISO9001 requirements for controlled measurement equipment.