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Zerowaste CMS SF6 Continuous Monitoring System

Worldwide scrutiny, increased environmental reporting and costs are steering Transmission Network Operators towards continuous SF6 monitoring of Gas Insulated Substations.

Designed for precision, remote gas level monitoring the Zerowaste CMS continuously samples SF6 gas in GIS and circuit breakers, providing an accurate assessment of gas condition and inventory. This modern technology facilitates long-term planning, asset protection and management.

Optimisation for gas refill operations

The CMS delivers continuous real time data, automatic sampling and analysis of 10+ SF6 quality parameters 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.


EMT’s continuous monitoring system utilises advanced patented infra-red technology and its unique design enables measurement of highly corrosive SF6 breakdown products without damaging the analyser. With a unique drying function and automatic pump back capability, this device ensures optimisation for gas refill operations.

Fully portable

Fully portable, the unit can be transported, installed on-site and running diagnostics within minutes. On-site calibration capability, 12-hour emergency battery backup, and USB data management make the Zerowaste CMS the ideal SF6 monitoring system for GIS.

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Delivering compliance and reduced costs

In addition to condition monitoring and asset health analysis, EMT designed the Zerowaste CMS to aid operators in a number of applications including fault investigation, recycling/validation checks, installation and commissioning, and R&D – delivering compliance and reduced costs.

Based in the UK, with offices in the USA and China, supported by a global distribution network who understand the needs of the industry, EMT is the technology partner delivering practical solutions for utilities maintenance personnel.