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Smartfill Eco+ 3in1 Multi-Gas Filling & Top-Up System

Adoption of SF6 alternative insulating gases increases the gas management burden on maintenance teams; requiring multiple, often heavy and cumbersome devices to fulfil gas filling, topping up and leak management tasks.  This results in increased capital expenditure, manpower and inefficiencies for utility companies.


The world’s first 3 functions in 1 multi-gas handling system based on tried and tested EMT Smartfill technology; Smartfill Eco+ provides a future-proof solution, enabling utilities to be flexible and responsive to changing maintenance demands and applications, ensuring critical assets remain operational, asset health is sustainable and gas handling is auditable.

Single Top-Up (STU) mode provides safe, repeatable auditable fills or top-ups of SF6, CO2 or Dry Air systems without the need for gas carts or weighing scales. Simply type in the target pressure and press “Start”. Smartfill Eco+ fills the system and provides a report to include date, time and quantity of gas delivered.

When critical assets leak, down time and costs associated with multiple site visits and top-ups can be significant. Leak Management and Continuous Top-Up (CTU) mode solves this issue. Monitoring your asset pressure 24/7/365, Smartfill Eco+ delivers gas to the system as required, automatically in small doses, ensuring 100% up time and reduced insulating gas leakage rates. Every top-up is recorded providing a traceable report of gas used once the asset is repaired.

Finding leaks in Dry Air assets is an industry wide issue. Using EMT SmartDose technology via the Eco+ combined with the EMT Leak Hunter Pro, allows for detection of Dry Air leaks as low as 6×10-6 mbar l/s without de-energising the asset.

Smartfill Eco+ is now IOT connected. The optional upgrade allows for reporting and real time assessment of the device during its deployment. Real time access to top-up data, current asset pressure and notifications of system issues ensure maintenance engineers are consistently up-to-date with asset health across multiple sites.

EMT’s products and services deliver a total SF6 management solution to ensure you have everything you need to keep your SF6 operations running smoothly.