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Zerowaste Rapide Eco+ 4in1 SF6 & Eco Gas Analyser

Adoption of SF6 alternative gases increases the maintenance and analysis burden on utility staff, requiring multiple analysers to fulfil test and analysis procedures. This requires increased levels of capital budget; increased time to undertake maintenance tasks; resulting in greater inefficiencies onsite.


The EMT Zerowaste Rapide Eco+ solves this problem by fulfilling all measurement requirements in one, simple, portable device. Built on the existing market leading EMT Rapide+ platform, Eco+ is the world’s first 4in1 analyser for the measurement of SF6, Novec 4710, Novec 5110 and Dry Air insulating gas applications.

The Eco+ 4in1 analyser reduces equipment requirement, capital expenditure and training on multiple analysers. One instrument also means one calibration, so more costs savings.

Fully compliant to IEC & CIGRE SF6 standards, and pending alternative gas standards, just 1 analyser and 1 engineer are required to complete multiple maintenance tasks in one operation, reducing labour costs for utilities and ensuring efficient and effective testing and analysis. 

Reduced training requirements and simplicity of operation are key benefits of the Eco+; portable, lightweight and battery powered, with large multifunction colour touch screen display, the Eco+ provides real time moisture/dewpoint graphs for all applications; allows for verification of calibration with EMT Verify Cal Gas Kits; and can be upgraded from existing SF6 Rapide+ analysers to add new Eco+ capabilities.

Eco+ is up to 4x more productive than using multiple analysers, with Ultrafast test capability to deliver results in 1-2 minutes.

EMT’s products and services deliver a total SF6 management solution to ensure you have everything you need to keep your SF6 operations running smoothly.