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Maximum Support for Minimum Downtime

Customer service and product support have always been integral to the EMT offering. Following considerable investment in this area, we are able to offer a fully integrated, comprehensive package of technical services for EMT customers and to our distributors.

Dedicated service facility

Dedicated service facility fully equipped with repair and calibration workshop, test lab and product demonstration suite


Large service team

Superior products backed by the strongest support team in the industry. For all your service and support needs our experienced team are just a click away


Dedicated technical support team

Dedicated technical team providing email and phone support, and return to workshop assessment


Field based technical support team

Field service team providing on-site support to ensure equipment is maintained and serviced, working within specification, to provide the most accurate results.


SF6 leak repair team

  • Flange repairs
  • SF6 leak surveys
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Protective coatings
  • SF6 filling and topping up
  • Gas recycling

Product, technical & application support

On-going product support, technical support, and application support for EMT customers and distributors. Virtual demos, webinars, on-site workshops, regional tours and roadshows


Hire and lease SF6 equipment

EMT offer SF6 equipment rental, leasing options, rent/lease purchase packages and servicing to testing personnel in the electric utilities industry.


Training and consultancy

EMT deliver application and country specific global training programs, designed to improve knowledge on best practice SF6 gas management techniques and technologies.


Quality assured

All service and maintenance provision is covered by our ISO9001 certification, guaranteeing a great experience and ensuring EMT provide maximum support for minimum downtime.