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Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant

Power distribution and supply systems rely on transformers, and reliable transformer operation depends on the condition of its insulation system, to which transformer oil is integral. The principal functions of the insulating fluid are to serve as a dielectric material, coolant and moisture protector.


To perform these functions, the insulating fluid must have the necessary qualities at the time of initial impregnation and filling at the factory and later maintain the same quality in field operation. EMT supply the E575R for transformer oil regeneration.

Provides all the benefits of Fuller’s Earth treatment. No associated problems of contaminated clay disposal or the high cost of replacing saturated earth.

300 times longer lifetime than Fuller’s Earth. At the end of the useful lifetime of the regeneration media, it is simply disposed of in a normal landfill site.

Ideally suited to large throughputs, the plant is available in either a mobile or stationary version.