New Fixed Gas Detection System launching soon

ENERDry Transformer Dry Out System​

The ENERDry Transformer Dry Out System removes moisture from transformer oil and insulation, maintaining low moisture levels in transformer oils in service. System performance:  Water content < 10PPM; Removal of Particles > 1 micron.

  • Able to dry transformers not braced for vacuum
  • Safety system – isolates itself in case of alarm or power failure
  • No paper filters utilized
  • Extends service life of transformer by extending the service life of the insulating system (paper and oil)
  • Transformer remains in service during processing (no lost revenue due to down time)
  • Reduced cost relative to other processes
  • Does not remove dissolved gas from transformer oil, allowing dissolved gas analysis (DGA) to give advanced notice of other potential problems in the system
  • Transformer Oil Level Monitoring System (TOLMS)
  • Hygrometer – Oil hygrometer sensor for measurement of moisture level in the oil (PPM)
  • Touch screen interface with data logger with “PPM Trend” tool for monitoring moisture content over time
  • E-mail/SMS alarm messages
  • Remote monitoring of PPM trend chart