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Transformer Oil Recovery Reprocessing & Regeneration

Present and future transformer ratings require high quality and high purity insulating oils at the point of use. The increasing voltage and rating of the modern transformer and electrical apparatus results in greater electrical stress in insulating material and fluids. To handle these greater stresses, oils with better dielectric qualities are required. Also lower residual water content in insulating fluids and material must be maintained.


The proper treatment and upgrading of the insulating fluid will result in the improvement of the properties of the entire insulating media of power transformers. EMT supply a unique range of transformer oil purification and reprocessing equipment used widely by maintenance engineers throughout the globe for reprocessing, filtration and regeneration of insulating oil.  

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The Enervac E575R Transformer Oil Regeneration System provides an extremely cost-effective and environ­mentally acceptable method of extending transformer oil lifetime to over 50+ years! The mobile Enervac E575R is ideally suited for processing transformers that are either energized or off-load and the skid mounted E575R is well suited for tank farm applications.

Transformers and their paper insulation have a primary enemy – Water. Water can be removed from a transformer using a vacuum dehydration process. Now, an easier and less expensive method can be used to remove the water from the transformer oil and its paper insulation. EMT supply the ENERDry Transformer Dry Out System – transformers which have 5% moisture or higher can be dried to acceptable levels without taking the transformer out of service.

EMT supply transformer oil purifiers used for the dehydration and degasification of electrical insulating liquids including transformer oils, polybutene and silicone fluids, to increase and maintain their dielectric strength. The processing includes the removal of free and soluble water, dissolved air and gases and particulate matter.