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TAN Acidity in Oil Meter

An increase in TAN value can have negative effects on assets in electric power utilities. Changes in oil viscosity can cause physical damage to metallic parts and the formation of gums and resins, which can be detrimental to the wear and tear of power apparatus. The determination of acidic constituents in transformer insulating oils, and asset health indicators are provided by the TAN acidity in oil meter from EMT.

Simple to use with built in pre-programmed TAN method and pre-set measurement enabling immediate operation.

High precision 10ml syringe. Resolution 1/40,000 of syringe vol (0.25ul). Measures down to 0.001mg/g KOH acidity. Results available in mg KOH/g. Allows for precise adjustment of the titration parameters by control algorithms.

Complete measuring system; compact and light – weighs less than 5 kg; fast and precise results (5 min max); data logger – last 50 titration results; result output – printer or PC.