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Struggling with SF6 compartment nameplate inaccuracies causing “phantom emissions of SF6”?

The Smartfill Nameplate Validator from EMT solves these problems.


Proposed US CARB & EPA regulations allow utilities to retrospectively adjust SF6 nameplate values to the true SF6 content; if it is found to be >2% in variance. Nameplates have been found to be up to 15% inaccurate, leading to inaccuracies in SF6 inventory levels and false “leakages” reported when maintaining or disposing of SF6 equipment.


Utilizing EMT’s proven technologies, the Smartfill Nameplate Validator provides a quick, accurate and flexible method for determining the true mass of SF6 within a compartment, with the following benefits:


1. No need for a power outage – the test can be run on a live energised system
2. No need to remove all the gas or vacuum – reducing the risk of asset damage and time taken
3. No need for multiple large gas cylinders – minimising safety and manual handling issues
4. No need for extra manpower and time – the test can be run with one engineer <1hr
5. No need for gas carts and dedicated transport – provided in 3x easily transportable Peli-cases <65lb each


SF6 nameplate accuracy presents real benefits to utilities, reducing SF6 install base, reducing SF6 stock inventory, reducing reported leak rates and reducing potential fines and punitive actions for SF6 loss that never occurred.


Contact us today to see how we can help you effectively manage your SF6 inventory and meet the changes in regulation.

Eco Gas Solutions EMT News

New Eco Gas Solutions for alternative insulating gas management

The use of SF6 alternative gases in HV Gas Insulated Switchgear applications has fuelled demand for EMT Eco Gas Solutions. Our latest innovation the Zerowaste Rapide Eco+ is making a real impact on the T&D industry, meeting the demands of SF6 testing today and the insulating gas alternatives of tomorrow. The world’s first 4in1 SF6 & Eco Gas Analyser measures SF6, Novec 4710, Novec 5110 and Dry Air all in one portable analyser, making this future proof technology a real game changer in reducing costs, labour and time for utility maintenance teams. With two new Eco product releases and more products on the way, GIS preventative maintenance just got even better! … read on…


Whatever the insulating medium, GIS will invariably leak, so operators require effective tools to pinpoint insulation gas leaks for immediate repair. Our Handheld Eco Gas Leak Detector provides fast and accurate detection of even the smallest SF6 alternative gas leaks. Reduce the rate of insulating gas loss and reduce costs associated with gas usage and topping up with this efficient Eco device.


With any filling device, a range of accessories can help produce a more efficient fill during maintenance tasks. Our range of Eco Gas Cylinder Heater Blankets are designed to solve the issue of unused insulating gas left in cylinders; reducing the cost of wastage, increasing cylinder life, and ensuring homogeneity of blended gases. Heated regulators and heated sample hoses are also available.


Join us at CIGRE 2022 where we will be demonstrating our latest innovations

EMT News Events

EMT to launch new ECO Gas Solutions & Accessories product range at CIGRE 2022

Join us at the Palais des congrès in Paris, August 29 – 02 September

at the leading global event for power system expertise, where our team of experts will be on Booth S110 running live demos of EMT world class SF6 Management Solutions for SF6 Gas Analysis & Testing, SF6 Gas Handling, SF6 Leak Management, and SF6 Site Services.


Exclusively at CIGRE Session 2022, EMT will launch a new ECO Gas Solutions & Accessories product range led by the Zerowaste Rapide Eco+ the world’s first 4in1 analyser for the measurement of SF6, Novec 4710, Novec 5110 and Dry Air insulating gas applications.

Site Services

Field based SF6 gas top up utilising EMT Site Services and patented EMT Smartfill technology

EMT Site Services can top up your SF6 assets – contact the team to see how we can provide both the test equipment, and trained and certified SF6 gas technicians, for the safe filling and topping up of SF6 compartments. Performing these essential tasks, our Site Services team can provide 24/7 coverage across the network, supported by tailored service packages to suit specific gas handling requirements, and complimented with a range of SF6 gas management services.


Our team have recently completed work on two sites for a UK utility:


Industry: Solar Power Generation

Application: SF6 Gas Topping Up x 2 Sites

Customer: UK Solar Farm

Date: June 2022

Problem: Low gas pressure reported

Solution: Field based SF6 gas top up utilising EMT Site Services and patented EMT Smartfill technology



  • Leak survey completed using EMT SF6 leak detector
  • Pressure survey completed
  • SF6 gas top up completed
  • Continued pressure monitoring advised
  • Future repair, de-gassing and re-gassing works discussed

Deliverables: SF6 gas top up restored pressure to normal operating conditions. The client was satisfied, particularly given there were challenges sourcing the correct fittings to carry out the works – EMT took care of all requirements from initial surveillance, to sourcing bespoke fittings for connection, and topping up of the SF6 compartments


For more information on our Site Services portfolio follow us on LinkedIn






SF6 Leak Management

SF6 leak repair on vertical flange under live conditions and pressure/outage

Industry: Power T&D

Application: SF6 Leaking Vertical Flange x 3

Customer: UK Electric Utility Substation

Date: April 2022

Problem: To fix three identified leaking/potentially leaking flanges on SF6 substation site

Solution: Vertical REFLANGEKiT® SF6 leak sealing. Flanges repaired under live conditions and pressure/outage


  • Leak surveyed/identified using EMT SF6 leak detector
  • Environmental/climatic conditions surveyed and approved
  • Surface preparation works undertaken
  • Cleaning and degreasing of surfaces carried out
  • Phase one flange repair –  soft shell mounting completed; the purpose of the soft shell is to protect the functional parts of the flange i.e. bolts and seals, and to concentrate the leaked SF6 gas to a single point of the shell where the valve is located. This was followed by re-enforcement of the soft shell
  • Phase two flange repair –  hard shell and resin application completed; resin was injected into the hard shell and left to cure overnight
  • Sleeve removed, valve sealed, and leak test undertaken using EMT SF6 calibrated leak detector, concluded with final seal and post repair testing

For more information on our Site Services portfolio follow us on LinkedIn

EMT News SF6 Leak Management

Your complete solution for SF6 Leak Detection, Management and Repair

EMT is the technology partner delivering practical SF6 Leak Detection, Management and Repair Solutions to utilities maintenance personnel.


EMT products, services and personnel are trusted by the T&D industry to deliver a complete solution for SF6 Leak Management, which ensures business continuity. From SF6 Leak Surveillance and Preventative Maintenance Planning; to Corrosion Control, SF6 Top-Up Management, Repairs and Asset Replacement – EMT solutions solve all your SF6 Leak Management issues.


Don’t let SF6 leaks disrupt your utilities operations. Contact our preventative maintenance experts to see how we can help you keep your critical assets operational.

EMT News Events

EMT are launching Trakref® at IEEE booth #9251

For more info, to register for IEEE, or to request a demo

EMT News

New Product Manager Appointed

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Rhys Cory as Product Manager for EMT. Rhys joins us from a background in Product Development and Technical Support, operating within global environmental systems, gas analysis and detection markets.

Experienced in Product Testing, Technical Investigation and Quality Management, with strong diagnostic and troubleshooting skills, and a proven track record in problem solving and high level technical support, Rhys has excellent credentials to develop and deliver effective product management strategies for the EMT portfolio. We are confident he will be an asset to the company and integral to fulfilling our mission of re-thinking, re-defining and revolutionising SF6 analysis and handling through innovation and client-led solutions.

In this position, Rhys will be responsible for managing the existing product range and will be involved in the development and sourcing of new products, and their release to market. Rhys will be first line support for customers and end users on technical queries and issues relating to products, and will support EMT Sales, Marketing and Service teams through the development of internal product management processes. A dedicated resource to clients, providing support with surveys, project meetings, demonstrations and installations, he will also be instrumental in delivering technical solutions and concepts via EMT seminar, webinar and training programmes.

Over the coming months, Rhys will be developing a product road map to ensure EMT remain at the forefront of innovation in the utilities T&D industry, and continue to deliver ground-breaking, task specific, patented SF6 technologies, which improve standards and safety and deliver a complete SF6 management solution. With several new products already in development you can follow us on LinkedIn to keep up to date with new releases and events.

Rhys can be contacted on so please do get in touch if he can be of assistance.

EMT News Events

Come and see the future of gas analysis NEW product reveal at IEEE from EMT booth 9251

EMT invites you to join us on booth 9251 at IEEE T&D in New Orleans, USA for a live demo of a revolutionary new product 

EMT News Events

Hugely successful Product Showcase meetings held in Dubai 

EMT kicked off its New Product Showcase Series with a number of successful meetings in Dubai, coinciding with the Middle East Energy Show (7-10th March 2022).

“It was a great opportunity to re-connect in person with our distributors and clients, existing and new.” Neil Kane, EMT commented.
EMT staff present were Neil Kane CEO, Vaughan Williams, Sales Director and EMT Site Services Manager, Peter Milton.
Over 10 LIVE demonstrations and presentations were made showcasing EMT’s new technologies, including the new Moisture Pro hand held portable humidity meter for Air and SF6, new SF6 Leak Detector, and the new Zerowaste Rapide Plus Ultrafast SF6 Analyser.
The showcase also featured informative presentations on EMT’s new Site Services division covering a range of site services for SF6 Leak Repairs, SF6 Recycling, Filling and Topping Up Services.
VW commented, “The EMT Showcase was a huge success and all our clients were very impressed at how many new innovative products were available from EMT”. This was a real winner and it was a pleasure to meet my clients face to face again after all this time.”
PM commented, “This EMT Showcase was a great chance for me to introduce our Site Services capabilities to our clients. I was pleasantly surprised at just how many customers were positive, commenting on our new approach to client managed services.”
NK said, “We are going to plan more EMT showcase meetings around the world this year and next. Now the world is starting to open, we cannot wait to meet more of our clients face to face again and help them with their asset management strategies with our tools and resources.”

EMT’s products and services deliver a total SF6 management solution to ensure you have everything you need to keep your SF6 operations running smoothly.