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The New Leak Hunter Dual SF6 & Eco Gas Portable Leak Detector from EMT

The leakage of insulating gases from GIS, switchgear and other compartments is a global issue. Insulating gas leaks present a major problem to utility companies:


  • Reducing plant efficiency, causing damage to assets or outages
  • Costing money through fines or legislative punishments
  • Exposure of employees to toxic gases

Utilising Infrared detection technology the EMT Leak Hunter enables fast leak detection on gas insulated compartments containing SF6 or Eco based insulating gases; one instrument … two jobs.




  • New leak detection technology from EMT
  • Utilizing IR technology for gas specific leak detection
  • Field changeable sensors for SF6 and SF6 alternatives
  • IR sensor that lasts the longest in the market >2000 hrs
  • Field changeable battery packs to allow extended leak surveys
  • USB charging cable to allow for vehicle charging
  • 2 stage sensitivity
  • 10hr battery pack life



  • Reduce the rate of gas loss
  • Find leaks fast for early intervention
  • Ensure user safety from leaking potentially harmful gases
  • Comply to existing and new regulations
  • Reduce costs associated with gas usage and topping up
  • Reduce costs associated with regulatory body fines
  • Reduce CO2 footprint



  • Detects SF6 and Eco gases in one unit
  • Highly sensitive for hard to find leaks
  • All new infrared sensor
  • Longest sensor life in the industry (5yrs life)
  • Easy field replacement (SF6/Eco gas)
  • New lithium ion battery
  • Quick charge capability
  • Easy field replacement
  • Headphone jack and mute capability
  • Automatic and manual zero modes
  • Rugged carrying case included
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All the highlights and headlines from EMT USA

The team are back at EMT HQ following a busy schedule in Florida last week.

All the highlights and headlines from EMT USA to follow:


New EMT office in Florida officially opens its doors to deliver service and support to US customers


EMT CEO Neil Kane, visited the new facility in Fort Lauderdale and was pleased to see US operations well underway. In addition to a sales and rentals hub, the site provides a service and calibration centre for customer equipment, providing valuable service and support for our US customers. This significant development was well received by visitors to the EMT booth at PowerTest.


Address details can be found on our homepage.



Rep conference proves very promising for the future success of EMT US operations


Having recently signed exclusive agreements with several experienced and professional US manufacturers’ representatives for our world class SF6 and Eco gas management solutions, the EMT senior management team led a conference for new appointments, which proved beneficial for all parties. A packed itinerary was delivered by VP Global Sales & Technical Services Neil Gwinnutt, which included live demonstrations and product training. The meeting was very positive and we are confident that these collaborations with established distributors, reputed for delivering premier products, will be dedicated to serving EMT customers in the Utility Substation, Transmission, Distribution and Generation industry.


Contact us for your local representative.

If you would like to join our US rep network please get in touch.



PowerTest 2023 delivers for EMT


The event was a huge success and delivered on so many levels. Proceedings kicked off with a presentation at the New Product Forum on EMT’s new multi-application SF6 & Eco gas solutions range, spearheaded by the world’s first 4in1 SF6 & Eco Gas Analyser, the Zerowaste Eco+.


This followed the next day by live product demos of our latest technologies for insulating gas analysis and handling, where the theme at the EMT booth was very much on future proofing insulating gas management equipment. There was a hive of activity with notable interest in the new Leak Hunter Dual SF6 & Eco Gas Portable Leak Detector, which generated a number of enquiries, given its appeal for addressing a major problem facing utility companies; one simple, portable instrument can perform two jobs efficiently and effectively, rapidly detecting leaks on GIS, switchgear and gas insulated compartments containing SF6 or Eco based insulating gases.


The EMT Moisture Pro also proved popular for its portability and smart features, with a number of utilities interested in adding the unit to their equipment inventory for fast, reliable and accurate moisture determination of their dry air, SF6 and alternative gas assets.


Another new concept creating a buzz at the show was the SmartMix Automated Gas Mixing System, which generated much discussion around the handling, mixing and control of gas, leading to several requests for custom projects by the EMT Engineering division.

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EMT is expanding operations in the USA

EMT continues to invest in its US operations, and so we are pleased to announce some exciting new developments and future expansion plans, ahead of the PowerTest | NETA show in Orlando FL next month …



St Louis engineering facility


Part of the EMT Engineering division, our St Louis site provides a base for custom build projects, as well as Factory Acceptance Testing for our new SmartMix automated gas mixing systems. 



New office opening in Florida


We are pleased to announce the opening of a second office, which will prove a valuable addition to our customer service and support capabilities. US operations will be run from the Florida office, where our team of experts will be on hand to meet all of your instrumentation needs. In addition to a sales and rentals hub, the site provides a service and calibration centre for customer equipment.



Expansion of US distribution network


We are pleased to confirm that EMT have recently signed exclusive agreements with several experienced and professional manufacturers representatives for our world class SF6 and Eco gas management solutions. We are collaborating with established distributors reputed for delivering premier products, and their dedication to serving customers in the Utility Substation, Transmission, Distribution and Generation industry.


Contact us for your local representative


If you would like to join our successful network of representatives please get in touch.


Our partners will be at the PowerTest show so come along and join us




Growing US client base


Our loyal customers in the US continue to engage with EMT’s market leading insulating gas management solutions, and this strong customer base is rapidly growing as customers are seeing the results of Zerowaste analysis and Smartfill handling technologies out in the field. The Moisture Pro is also performing well and is currently employed in large numbers across US utility sites for clean air applications.


The key to our longevity and success in this market lies in our expert knowledge of gas analysis and handling, combined with the delivery of world class services and support. Our dedicated team of industry specialists have developed a comprehensive range of best practice solutions for insulating gas management, which meet the demands of SF6 applications today and the Eco gas alternatives of tomorrow, providing everything you need to keep your operations running smoothly.


EMT CEO Neil Kane, and VP for North America & OEM Sales Vaughan Williams, met recently with one of EMT’s long established clients, PG&E who, following a very productive meeting, ended the visit with a tour of their impressive artifacts museum. 


We look forward to seeing all our valued customers at the PowerTest show. Come and join us on booth 823 where we will be launching more new products from our Eco gas solutions range.


Follow EMT on LinkedIn for event updates!

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Our market leading maintenance products are available for hire to keep your operations running smoothly


New EMT SF6 & ECO gas products launching at PowerTest – Future proof your insulating gas management equipment

EMT continues to be at the forefront of innovation and ahead of the curve when it comes to insulating gas testing, analysis and handling technologies. That’s why we’re looking ahead to the introduction of alternative insulating switchgear gases including Novec 4710 (g3) & 5110 and Dry/Clean Air.


Our new multi-mode SF6 and Eco gas product portfolio addresses key concerns of preventative maintenance strategy including costs, labour, complexity and time; and delivers a number of operational benefits; to ensure you can be responsive to industry changes; with upgradeable equipment and tools for any future SF6 or Eco applications.


Eco+ Zerowaste 4in1 SF6 & Eco Gas Analyser

Our game-changing Eco product range is spearheaded by the Zerowaste Rapide Eco+ the world’s first 4in1 insulating gas analyser. This unique technology can determine the quality of SF6 insulating gas; in addition to SF6 alternative gases Novec 4710 (g3), Novec 5110, and Dry/Clean Air systems; allowing users to test any insulating gas and its breakdown products; on one portable, easy to use instrument, within just 1-2 minutes; 4x more productive than using multiple analysers; with just 1 calibration…


Verify Verification Gases

…for which we can provide NIST traceable gases for in the field verification and calibration.


Smartfill Filling and Topping Up Systems

Our trusted Smartfill technology also delivers future proof peace of mind, and is now available for portable filling, top-up and leak management of SF6 and Eco gas filled assets.


Moisture Pro Portable Dew Point Meter

We know that moisture is a big issue in on-going maintenance, so we’ve got that covered too; with the EMT Moisture Pro handheld dew point analyser; which is also Eco ready! In fact one of our largest and long established utility customers in the US is currently employing a large number of these units in their clean air applications.


Leak Hunter Handheld Detector

If leak detection is your priority, then we’re launching a new handheld SF6 & Eco gas leak detection product at the PowerTest show, which promises to make ‘hunting’ for leaks quick, simple and reliable.


SmartMix Automated Gas Mixing Products

There’s also some exciting new developments coming from the EMT engineering division; where the team have been hard at work on a new automated gas mixing system for Novec and Dry Air blends.


Dry Air Products

If you’re in the market for dry air switchgear specifically, EMT’s Eco+, Smartfill CTU, Smartfill MFU, and Moisture Pro products are all ready for dry air applications!


There are so many reasons to attend the PowerTest event and to visit EMT on booth 823

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New SF6 leak detection product launching in January – Let’s go leak hunting in 2023

Site Services

EMT Training Packages for 2023 – Everything you need to know on Insulating Gas Management 

Plans for our 2023 training program are well under way and the team are busy preparing resources for a number of interactive training initiatives for the year ahead, to ensure we cater for all your training requirements. From webinars to workshops, international roadshows, virtual or onsite, EMT deliver tailored training packages designed to meet the demands of Insulating Gas Management.


Our dedicated team of industry specialists have expertly developed a comprehensive training program, which meets the demands of SF6 applications today and the Eco gas alternatives of tomorrow. With a proven track record delivering content to clients onsite and via our state of the art training facility and test lab in the UK, end users and distributors receive the technical information and support they need, when and how they need it.


Training Content Including:


*Global compliance standards on SF6 inventory and usage; Regulation on SF6 emissions; IEC, CIGRE, CARB, EPA, F-Gas guidelines; Ensuring SF6 compartment nameplate accuracy to avoid ‘phantom emissions of SF6’


*Best practice SF6 gas handling, applications and technologies; Ensuring safe filling and topping up of SF6 compartments; Monitoring, recording and legislative reporting requirements; Collection, treatment and recycling of SF6 gas


*SF6 gas purity analysis, techniques and technologies; Detection and measurement of SF6 breakdown and decomposition contaminants; Conducting testing for guaranteed success – pre-test planning, sampling and results determination; Ensuring gas purity and concentration are in line with OEM guidelines for safe and efficient use of assets; Guidance for testing with task specific protocols for utilities maintenance personnel; Measuring moisture in assets to ensure their long-term health and reliability in T&D utility networks


*Eco gas alternatives for insulating gas management in HV Gas Insulated Switchgear applications; Eco (novec) and dry air gas analysis, handling, monitoring and safety, leak detection and management


*SF6 leak detection, management and repair; Maintaining, managing and mitigating SF6 leaks; Repairing SF6 leaks under live conditions and pressure/outage; Surveillance and repair of leaking SF6 assets cost effectively and with minimal disruption to utilities operations; Gas leak detection for personnel safety and asset protection


*Asset health checks; Ensuring asset reliability, long term compliance and performance, maximum up-time and business continuity; Preventative maintenance to optimise maintenance practices, improve network reliability, customer retention, and business efficiency; Asset health best practice and maintaining gas analysers for peak performance to ensure gas quality and asset reliability


*** Book early to secure your place – we look forward to meeting you ***

EMT News Gas Monitoring and Safety

Monitoring and Safety Solutions for SF6 and Eco Gas Applications

EMT’s comprehensive and growing portfolio of insulating gas management solutions includes a range of portable and fixed monitoring and gas detection systems, to ensure the safety and protection of personnel and assets, whilst meeting global compliance standards.


EMT Smartfill CTU

Designed for managing leakage of SF6 from circuit breakers and other plant, Smartfill CTU is a unique SF6 ‘live topping up’ leak management device, which provides 24/7 monitoring and automated continuous top-up of leaking assets, dosing gas as required with no waste and no leakage. This smart system enables operators to start top up remotely; records cylinder pressure to eliminate downtime from empty cylinders; and alerts engineers of any issues via SMS. Smartfill technology reduces SF6 usage, costs and inventory, provides transparency for legislative reporting, and ensures business continuity.


EMT Pressure Validation Kit

Designed to deliver fast, simple, accurate pressure gauge verification, EMT DPG solves the problem of inaccurate or out of calibration equipment pressure gauges. Supplied in kit format with fittings and hose for easy connection to asset test points, this essential tool provides engineers with an accurate NIST traceable (ISO 17025) pressure reading and is Eco gas ready.


Personnel Gas Safety Monitors

Operating companies have a duty of care to employees to protect them in the workplace from substances hazardous to health and are legally bound by Workplace Exposure Limits (WEL) on SF6, alternative gases and their by-products. EMT offer a range of portable and fixed, personal and area gas safety monitors to protect personnel in hazardous areas such as indoor cylinder stores and confined spaces. From single to multi-gas detection, team protection and area monitoring, these critical devices provide low cost, low maintenance, effective solutions to ensure safety when working with SF6, Novec, Dry Air, and breakdown gases.


EMT Site Services

Our Site Services team can provide a range of hire equipment to clients with urgent or short-term instrumentation requirements, including lease of the Smartfill CTU for 24/7 SF6 gas monitoring and leak management. This smart solution negates engineer call outs, the challenges of scheduling engineers for repeated visits to site to top up leaking assets, and the associated costs of managing this.


For more info on our insulating gas management solutions or to discuss your requirements on monitoring and safety contact us


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Site Services

SF6 site survey, flange repair, leak management – job done with EMT Site Services

They say pictures speak a thousand words; here’s our latest Site Services project completed for a UK electric utility. Following a site survey, the team confirmed SF6 leaks on all phases of the asset, which required immediate repair and preventative maintenance. The project was for x6 flange repairs; x3 upper flange and x3 lower cover plate with sensor. All repairs were carried out under live conditions and full pressure. From surface preparations; to soft shell mounting and reinforcement; through to hard shell, resin application, final seal and post repair testing – our expert engineers followed proven and rigorous EMT protocols using trusted and reliable EMT technologies and solutions, to ensure compliance at every stage of the project.


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EMT News SF6 Gas Handling

Products and services expertly developed for best practice SF6 gas handling

Driven by regulation and standards on SF6 emissions, the energy industry is moving forward with strategies for carbon neutrality and the collection, treatment and recycling of SF6 gas. IEC and CIGRE guidelines specify a number of gas handling requirements when performing key tasks within SF6 operations and process control. Key to which, is monitoring and recording SF6 passing through the network; operators must understand how much SF6 has been used, lost, and replenished. Effective maintenance procedures, transparency and accuracy of data are all critical to meeting legislation.


EMT specialise in insulating gas management, delivering products and services expertly developed for best practice SF6 gas handling. Our range includes everything from advanced technologies for SF6 filling and topping up, nameplate verification, gas carts and pump systems; to fittings and accessories designed to ensure a more efficient fill during maintenance tasks; and onsite client support services including degassing, top-ups, gas replacement and regeneration.


EMT gas handling solutions take into consideration the safety of personnel, time, resource and costs, and deliver complete compliance and traceability of SF6 inventory and usage. Find out more about our market leading portfolio…

EMT’s products and services deliver a total SF6 management solution to ensure you have everything you need to keep your SF6 operations running smoothly.