New Fixed Gas Detection System launching soon

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The 2024 IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition in Anaheim is shaping up to be a record-setting event, featuring their largest trade show ever with thousands of power and energy decision-makers from around the world.







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Launching at Distributech Smartfill Eco+ 3 functions in 1 multi-gas handling system

New EMT Smartfill Eco+ launching on booth 3284 at Distributech 2024


Watch the new Smartfill Eco+ video animation here:


Smartfill Eco+ offers a unique 3 functions in 1 multi-gas handling system based on EMT tried and tested Smartfill technology.


  • Function 1: Installation fill or single top up mode
  • Function 2: Leak management and continuous top up mode
  • Function 3: SmartDose dry air leak detection mode

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Expansion of EMT US Operations

To meet increasing demand for EMT insulating gas analysis, handling and management products, our US operations are growing…

We have appointed a new US Sales Manager, Devin Seran, who will be responsible for all sales and commercial activities within North America.

Devin will be based at our new, larger facility in Orlando Florida, which will enhance business and client support in the US; including a sales and rentals hub, and service calibration centre.

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And we have recently signed exclusive agreements with a number of established manufacturers reps in the US, dedicated to serving the utility T&D industry and to delivering premier products.

Our partners will be at Distributech International next week where EMT will be launching several new products on booth 3284. Register here for your free exhibition pass. 

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Another order on its way EMT Moisture Pro

Another order is on its way to a satisfied EMT Customer. Find out why they chose the #MoisturePro and learn about the benefits of this smart device…


Measurement of moisture in SF6, alternative eco gases or dry air assets is critical to the long-term health and reliability of the asset.


The EMT Moisture Pro is a portable survey meter for fast, reliable and accurate moisture determination in dry air, SF6 or alternative gas assets.


Packed full of smart features the EMT Moisture Pro is the ideal survey tool for every engineer’s tool kit:


  • Ultrafast analysis with results in <2mins reduces time and costs of gas testing, increasing efficiency and productivity of engineers
  • Highly accurate moisture measurement with -100oC to +20oC measurement range and +/-2oC accuracy over a range of 0-1.5MPa
  • 3.5” colour touch screen with intuitive software displays results numerically and graphically
  • Handheld and lightweight weighing <1.5Kg for the analyser and <2.7Kg for the whole kit
  • Predictive end dew point provides potential results within seconds using predictive algorithms
  • Integrated Bluetooth communication with wireless printer provides on site reporting
  • Integrated datalogger delivers comprehensive measurement results for key site parameters (site, operator, notes and visual images)
  • Integrated 5 megapixel camera enables report generation and proof of assessment for audit traceability
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NEW Gas Leak Detection & Repair Kit from EMT

… Launching Soon … Sneak Preview …

Are you involved in gas leak detection and repair?

Do you have trouble sourcing the correct parts to detect and fix the gas leak repair?

Would you like a simple, comprehensive solution to your gas leak detection and repair needs?

The all-in-one portable gas leak detection and repair kit with everything you need to locate the leak, contain the leak and repair the leak in one kit.

EMT were approached by a global customer with a requirement for a comprehensive gas leak detection and repair kit for their team of engineers which, meets guidelines for overseas transportation; contains innovative technologies for quick detection and local repair of gas leaks; and includes a handheld leak detector able to detect SF6 and alternative gases. Our market leading EMT Leak Hunter technology is the foundation on which this kit has been developed.


Follow EMT for official launch of this product

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EMT Smartfill Eco+ the world’s first multi-gas handling system

Building on the global success of EMT Smartfill technology, a unique product which has been in the market for almost 15 years, we are proud to announce the production and delivery of the NEW Smartfill Eco+, the next generation of Smartfill systems.


Here you can see our first shipment being prepared for dispatch to one of our largest customers in the USA.


Neil Kane, EMT MD comments:

‘Building on the original SF6 filling and topping up technology invented by EMT 15 years ago, the new generation Smartfill systems have the ability to top up, fill, and manage leaks all in one system. This significant order is a strong indicator of the quality and innovation that EMT customers demand. As our innovative company approaches its 15 year anniversary, this is a fitting milestone in our development program and we are very much looking forward to an exciting 2024.’

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Ensure your gas insulated assets remain operational this winter

Mitigate the effects of cold temperatures on GIS and circuit breakers with EMT best practice testing, handling and repair technologies.


Cold temperatures can affect GIS on high and medium voltage substations causing:


  • Changes in insulating gas pressure
  • Insulating gas leaks
  • Inefficiency of gas cylinders
  • Ingress of moisture
  • Liquefaction of insulating gases

To avoid low pressure alarms, environmentally damaging leaks and equipment failure, utilities operating in cold climates can mitigate these issues through planned maintenance of gas filled switchgear and circuit breakers to ensure the efficiency of assets, safety of personnel, and protection of the environment.

Changes in insulating gas pressure

Leakage of insulating gases can result in low pressure alarms, which can shut down operations if these are below acceptable levels – monitoring with EMT Smartfill Eco+ multi-gas auto filling and topping up system ensures business continuity where assets must remain operational.

Insulating gas leaks

Gas filled equipment can be more vulnerable to leaks as winter approaches. EMT Leak Hunter portable leak detector quickly and accurately detects leaks for early intervention. Leaks are then repaired using a unique flange repair system installed by qualified EMT Site Services engineers.

Inefficiency of gas cylinders

Cooler temperatures can reduce the efficiency of gas cylinders by up to 25%. EMT cylinder heater blankets are the perfect accessory for more efficient filling and topping up of gas filled assets. The gas is evaporated to enable the full content to be used, increasing cylinder efficiency, which amounts to significant savings.

Ingress of Moisture

Lower temperatures can lead to ingress of moisture. Moisture levels in gas assets can lead to potential catastrophic failure and reduced asset life. EMT Moisture Pro portable dew meter provides fast, accurate, smart moisture determination in critical assets.

Liquefaction of insulating gases

In very cold temperatures, SF6 used in outdoor circuit breakers can liquefy, which can be prevented by using specific gas mixtures to lower the liquefaction point of the mixture. EMT SmartMix gas delivery and conditioning system provides the ideal technology to achieve stable and repeatable gas mixtures.

Performance of Gas Analysers

At this time of year, service and calibration of gas analysers is particularly important. EMT analysers operate without limitation in the most extreme weather conditions. Ensure your equipment is in optimum condition for peak performance this winter.

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EMT FIRSTS from the Innovation Leaders in the Power Generation & Transmission industry

Our team are dedicated to re-thinking, re-defining and revolutionising test, measurement and handling technologies for the power generation and transmission industry – that’s why EMT is the home of FIRSTS.


EMT have everything you need to keep your T&D operations running smoothly; Fast, flexible, robust, easy to use products designed for both application and operator.

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Issues with leaking SF6 assets? Problem solved with EMT Site Services

EMT Site Services have recently completed work in the UK and overseas, with many more projects scheduled in for spring and summer. We still have dates available to carry out SF6 leak surveys and repairs, so please contact the team if you have a concern regarding leaking assets.



Project Bulletin


A Norwegian utility contracted EMT Site Services to run a series of leak surveys to detect and confirm the presence of SF6 leakage within the work area. Using EMT best practice leak survey methodology and EMT advanced leak detection technology, our team identified and located several SF6 leaks within their installed assets including GIB, HV bushings and interconnecting supply pipework.


The team are now scheduled to undertake 3 leak repairs with composite sealant filler and bonding technique, which will require SF6 gas handling and removal of the gas during repair. In addition to EMT site services, this customer has also expressed an interest in EMT hand held and fixed point detection systems and our Zerowaste analysis technologies.


Our experts were also commissioned to undertake a 132kv bushing repair for a UK utility; which included analysis of existing SF6 gas prior to removal, de-gas of SF6 to auxiliary storage via EMT gas cart, composite repair installation, and re-gas of SF6.


The system was fully tested and signed off as leak-free on completion of works.

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Go Green with EMT – SF6 AND Eco Gas Analysis in ONE – OEM’s give ECO+ the green light

Your colleagues will be ‘green with envy’ when you arrive on site with the Eco+ …


You’ll be ‘in the green’ with the world’s only multimode SF6 & Eco gas analyser …


For EMT customers ‘the grass is always greener’ …


But don’t just take our word for it – 3 major global OEM’s have given the Eco+ ‘the green light’ …

EMT’s products and services deliver a total SF6 management solution to ensure you have everything you need to keep your SF6 operations running smoothly.