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Zerowaste Rapide+ product demo highlights the quality of EMT’s remote client technical support capabilities

Collaboration with our recently appointed distributor in Taiwan highlights how during the pandemic, we have been able to consistently deliver continued support to our global distribution network and their customers; delivering technical services packages, via state-of-the-art virtual facilities, direct to end users around the world.
During their customer visit, our colleagues in Taiwan demonstrated the technologically advanced features and benefits of the ZWR+ SF6 Gas Analyser including: the infrared technology advantage; 1 minute analysis capability; portability and pump back features.
The meeting was fully supported by our colleagues back at EMT HQ in the UK, who were able to assist with a combination of technical support packages including a webinar delivered by the EMT Technical Director, on how to ensure SF6 purity and concentration is in-line with OEM guidelines for safe and efficient use of the asset; how to detect and measure SF6 breakdown/decomposition contaminants; and how to ensure safety and wellbeing of operators working with SF6 and its breakdown by products.
Our specialist SF6 field engineers were on hand in the maintenance workshop and test lab to run through some testing protocols including standards, legislation and compliance.
The sales team ran a Q&A from our virtual product demo suite which concluded why the Zerowaste Rapide+ is ideal for maintenance teams undertaking extensive testing programmes; how its enhanced analysis speed allows for increases in operator efficiency and productivity; and how this enhanced efficiency and productivity enables greater volumes of testing to be performed, providing utilities with a comprehensive understanding of the current and potential long-term condition of their assets.
This was then followed up by our Service and Maintenance Team who ran through the importance of analyser maintenance, advising that fast, accurate and reliable analysis allows utilities to better plan maintenance schedules to ensure reduced downtime and unplanned outages.
When travel permits, our distribution partners will be invited to EMT’s new training facility in the UK where they will be introduced to more world class SF6 management solutions

Superior SF6 products, quality engineers, and strong distribution partnerships make EMT the technology partner of choice for the electricity T&D industry.


If you would like to be part of our successful global distribution network, find out more and apply below.