New Fixed Gas Detection System launching soon

SF6 Gas Analysis and Testing

New Product Launch EMT Moisture Pro Dew Point Meter – fast, portable, accurate & smart

Moisture levels in dry air, SF6 or alternative gas assets can lead to potential catastrophic failure and reduced asset life.

  • Measure dew point, temperature and pressure on one device to save time on site
  • Integrated camera to add visual records to your reporting process
  • Predictive dew point analysis feature reduces time to final result increasing efficiency
  • Hand held, light weight design increases flexibility and ergonomics whilst working
  • Large 3.5” backlit colour touch screen with intuitive presentation ensures ease of use
EMT News

5 states in 5 days – EMT Directors visit colleagues and clients in the USA

With business and international travel opening up following lockdown, EMT company Directors scheduled a full itinerary for their recent trip to the USA. Meetings across 5 states in 5 days enabled our Managing Director and International Sales Director to personally reconnect with colleagues and re-engage with clients following 18 months of growth, expansion, and new product development back at EMT HQ.


Our two founding members welcomed the opportunity to be back in the field doing what they do best, and concluded their business trip with the exclusive unveiling of a new analysis product – soon to be launched globally – which received some very positive feedback from the US market…


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SF6 Leak Management

SF6 leak detection, management and repair – maintaining, managing and mitigating SF6 leaks

The Issue

SF6 is a global warming gas and the leakage of process gases and liquids from compartments is a global issue. Leakage of SF6 is more than an internal concern and is now a broader ethical obligation, as utility companies commit to carbon neutrality by 2050. As a requirement to report loss rates in line with permitted release rates, leakage of SF6 gas is highly detrimental to achieving this goal. Therefore utilities need an effective preventative maintenance plan for assets to remain operational and to ensure business continuity.


The Task

Reduce the rate of SF6 loss

Reduce costs associated with gas usage and topping up

Reduce costs associated with regulatory body fines

Reduce CO2 footprint


…detection, measurement and repair of SF6 leaks


The Solution

Protective Coatings
Corrosion Control
Leak Surveys
Leak Detection & Quantification
Preventative Maintenance Planning

Temporary Repairs
SF6 Top-up Management

Long Term Repairs
Preventative Repairs
Asset Replacement

SF6 Solutions

SF6 Asset Health – Get your ‘5 a day’ with EMT

At EMT we believe working with SF6 is not just about meeting minimum standards, but using a combination of best practice testing, analysis and repair technologies to ensure the safety and efficiency of assets and workers, and protection of the environment.

Our revolutionary analysis products are designed to reduce maintenance costs, comply with regulation, and minimise environmental impact. EMT customers worldwide benefit from fast, simple, accurate “health” data and a better understanding of long-term asset condition.

Applications with the greatest impact on SF6 usage and reporting involve filling, topping up and leak management. EMT advise clients on how to effectively monitor and record SF6 emissions, and how best to perform key tasks safely, efficiently and compliantly.

Utilities personnel working on Gas Insulated Switchgear are in danger from exposure to SF6 gas leaks. Colourless and odourless, SF6 can accumulate undetected, presenting serious health and environmental risk to operators carrying out routine maintenance on SF6 filled electrical equipment. EMT provide a range of fixed and portable SF6 gas monitoring equipment.

Plants filled with SF6 operating within the power transmission industry must ensure their assets remain operational, while monitoring and managing SF6 losses. EMT know that leaking assets present a major challenge to plant safety, and that functional performance may be affected by depleted SF6 levels. That’s why we have developed a world-class portfolio of SF6 leak detection, management and repair solutions.

Offering a range of technologies to provide clients with high quality solutions, EMT Site Services maintain asset reliability, ensuring long term asset compliance and performance, maximum up-time and security of critical infrastructure.

Project Portfolio SF6 Leak Management Site Services

Substation C SF6 Leaking Flange Repair


SF6 substation 3x leaking flanges


New cover plate repairs. Suitable for nuclear and power plant substation installations. Adaptable to various types of flanges. Temperatures ranging from -20°C to +65°C (-4°F to +149°F).


The 3X ReflangeKit® concept is based on a composite double shell system that encapsulates the leaking flange. The first shell covers and protects the flange collecting SF6 leaks. The second shell contains specific resin. An exhaust valve allows the SF6 gas to escape during resin injection. After overnight curing of resin, the valve is closed and sealed giving a 100% seal and leak free composite repair.



  • Online & under pressure installation
  • Non invasive system (no risk of resin intrusion into the flange)
  • Bolt and screw protection
  • Easy disassembly
  • Cost effective installation (costly consignation avoided)


SF6 leak remediation was a success, and the flange remains in service. Further, more complex repairs are planned as part of a contract to complete a number of SF6 flange repairs across multiple sites.

Repairs Portfolio
  • Cover plates with small bore adapter and pipework
  • GIB/tank flange
  • GIB/GIB straight flanges
  • Complex multi flange GIB
EMT Site Services
  • High level site services working standards
  • Fully trained site services personnel
  • All works completed within the designated timeframe or less
  • 100% leak remediation record
  • The most challenging of SF6 leaking flange/asset styles fixed
Other Site Services
EMT News Project Portfolio SF6 Leak Management Site Services

EMT SF6 Leak Survey + EMT Handheld Leak Detector = 100% Leak Detection

EMT leak detection success rate continues as the team completes another utilities project. Read on to learn more about our technology, our services, and the team delivering these to the electric utilities industry.

EMT News

Join the team delivering world class SF6 management solutions to T&D test and maintenance personnel in the electricity supply industry

If you would like to be part of our successful global distribution network, find out more and apply below.

EMT News SF6 Gas Analysis and Testing

Zerowaste Rapide+ product demo highlights the quality of EMT’s remote client technical support capabilities

Collaboration with our recently appointed distributor in Taiwan highlights how during the pandemic, we have been able to consistently deliver continued support to our global distribution network and their customers; delivering technical services packages, via state-of-the-art virtual facilities, direct to end users around the world.
During their customer visit, our colleagues in Taiwan demonstrated the technologically advanced features and benefits of the ZWR+ SF6 Gas Analyser including: the infrared technology advantage; 1 minute analysis capability; portability and pump back features.
The meeting was fully supported by our colleagues back at EMT HQ in the UK, who were able to assist with a combination of technical support packages including a webinar delivered by the EMT Technical Director, on how to ensure SF6 purity and concentration is in-line with OEM guidelines for safe and efficient use of the asset; how to detect and measure SF6 breakdown/decomposition contaminants; and how to ensure safety and wellbeing of operators working with SF6 and its breakdown by products.
Our specialist SF6 field engineers were on hand in the maintenance workshop and test lab to run through some testing protocols including standards, legislation and compliance.
The sales team ran a Q&A from our virtual product demo suite which concluded why the Zerowaste Rapide+ is ideal for maintenance teams undertaking extensive testing programmes; how its enhanced analysis speed allows for increases in operator efficiency and productivity; and how this enhanced efficiency and productivity enables greater volumes of testing to be performed, providing utilities with a comprehensive understanding of the current and potential long-term condition of their assets.
This was then followed up by our Service and Maintenance Team who ran through the importance of analyser maintenance, advising that fast, accurate and reliable analysis allows utilities to better plan maintenance schedules to ensure reduced downtime and unplanned outages.
When travel permits, our distribution partners will be invited to EMT’s new training facility in the UK where they will be introduced to more world class SF6 management solutions

Superior SF6 products, quality engineers, and strong distribution partnerships make EMT the technology partner of choice for the electricity T&D industry.


If you would like to be part of our successful global distribution network, find out more and apply below.

EMT’s products and services deliver a total SF6 management solution to ensure you have everything you need to keep your SF6 operations running smoothly.