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Project Portfolio SF6 Leak Management Site Services

EMT provides specialist repair work for leaking SF6 assets on GIB cover plates


SF6 leak repair of flange cover plates and complex GIB/GIS fittings

  • SF6 GIS and GIB 220-400Kv flanges
  • Custom build repairs for various flange styles


The REFLANGEKiT® double shell system encapsulates the leaking flange. The first shell, made in PVC, covers and protects the flange collecting SF6 leaks. The second, hard shell, contains specific resins. An exhaust valve allows the gas to be managed during resin injection. Following overnight curing of the resin, the valve is closed and sealed. Our composite repairs are suitable for a wide variety of flange styles from small inspection windows to cover plates and complex flange types including small bore pipework.

Benefits to the client:

Reflange kits may be installed under high pressure conditions without the need to degas the asset. With this original system, flange and bolts are protected during resin injection and disassembly, and the product can be easily removed without damage. This solution is quick and easy to fit by our skilled installers and with minimal interruption to service.


  • Online and under pressure installation
  • Non-invasive system
  • Easy disassembly
  • Cost effective installation
  • Does not require power outage (subject to flange location)
  • Protects shunts, bolt heads and flange seals
  • Fast repairs at low cost
Project Portfolio SF6 Leak Management Site Services

EMT signs multi-million pound agreement with leading UK utility

The EMT Site Services team are set to deliver SF6 leak repair services across multiple sites over the coming years. On being awarded the leak management contract for one of the UK’s largest utilities, Managing Director Neil Kane commented: 


“This new SF6 Leak Repair contract for our Site Services division will deliver key Environmental and Financial benefits for our client as well as a solid resource and expertise for other clients having issues with SF6 Leaks within this sector.


With direct sales and distribution in over 80 countries around the world, we are well positioned for the challenges we are facing in the new world. EMT has a diverse and in depth portfolio for SF6 Testing, Handling and Repair technology unmatched in the industry.


Please contact us with your SF6 Leak issues and speak to one of our experts now.”

EMT News

New Technical Services Division

Created following expansion of the business and in response to growing demand from our rapidly increasing global customer base, EMT are pleased to announce the launch of a new technical services division designed to enhance customer and product support.


Recently appointed, Technical Services Director Neil Gwinnutt leading the team, states “Customer service and product support have always been key objectives for the service business and remain our focus moving forward…following considerable investment in this area, we are now able to offer a fully integrated, comprehensive package of technical services for EMT customers and to our distributors.”

Upgraded workshop facilities

New, dedicated service facility fully equipped with maintenance workshop, test lab and product demo suite

Larger service team

For maintenance, calibration and repairs, our experienced team are just a click away

Enhanced asset management capabilities

On-going, customer centric support, the right products when you need them, with recommendations for supporting products and accessories

Product, technical and application support

Application specific SF6 solutions backed by practical product and technical support

New training facility

Tailored training packages designed to meet the needs of utilities maintenance personnel

New SF6 leak repair team

SF6 leak repairs using patented, unique resin technologies which can be applied to live circuits

If you require product support, technical support, application support, training packages, leak remediation, calibration, maintenance or repair services

SF6 Gas Analysis and Testing

Sorry you missed our webinar, catch up here…

We’re sorry you couldn’t participate last week in our hugely successful webinar on SF6 gas purity analysis techniques. The feedback we received was extremely positive, so we wanted to make this content available on our website. You can view the material below, and if you need to speak to one of our SF6 specialists you can contact the team on 

We hope you find the information useful…

Other webinars in this series…

EMT News

A New Chapter for EMT


New EMT Headquarters…

4X larger footprint with new dedicated service facility fully equipped with maintenance workshop, test lab, product demo suite and new training facility.


New Team Members…
Larger in-house and field service teams providing customer service and product support.


New Products…
Operator and asset safety technologies including fixed gas systems and personal safety monitors. SF6 leak detection and repair technologies including Flange Repairs, Corrosion Prevention and Protective Coatings.


New Services…
SF6 site support services including Leak Surveys, Filling and Topping Up, Gas Recycling, Onsite Maintenance and Calibration/Commissioning, Hire/Rental.


Same Ethos…
To ensure the safety and efficiency of assets, personnel, and protection of the environment.


Same Mission…
To re-think, re-define and revolutionise SF6 testing, handling and repair solutions.


Same Commitment…
Driven by innovation and quality, delivering a total SF6 management solution to ensure you have everything you need to keep your SF6 operations running smoothly.


Same Approach…
Design, manufacture and supply of world class SF6 management technologies without limitations.

Site Services

SF6 Asset Health #3

Plant availability and reliability amounts to efficiency and profitability. SF6 testing is becoming a more critical enabling technology and only by providing the right test equipment at the right time can you be certain of a successful predictive maintenance decision.

EMT offer tailored site services which cater to the needs of testing personnel in the electric utilities industry, acknowledging that key to their service provision is the availability and reliability of test equipment and quality of measurement. Our Site Services team can provide a range of hire equipment to clients who have urgent or short-term instrumentation requirements, ensuring business continuity where assets must remain operational.

SF6 test equipment and personnel when you need it


We cover shortfalls in equipment allowing you to meet customer demand for more comprehensive testing programs; larger sites with multiple test requirements; busier test periods, or as an interim measure whilst analysers may be out of commission or in re-calibration.


This service can also be used to acquire new test equipment without having to wait for capital equipment budget to be approved; or to upgrade/trial the latest technologies before purchasing.


If you are facing a staff shortage, need a larger team to meet demand, or you just need a helping hand, our Site Services team can support your SF6 testing personnel – the team are fully trained to all required standards associated with testing, analysis and topping up of compartment zones.


All provision is covered by our ISO9001 certification guaranteeing a great experience and ensuring EMT provide maximum support for minimum downtime.

SF6 Gas Analysis and Testing

SF6 Asset Health #2

Good asset health practice includes keeping SF6 analysers in peak performance at all times to maintain gas quality and asset reliability.

At EMT we work on the principle that if you use our equipment we want to make sure you get the best experience and results from it. In support of this we offer a host of upgrades, fittings, accessories and services, all developed to improve standards and best practice in routine SF6 GIS testing and T&D maintenance procedures throughout the SF6 cycle. Variances in testing frequency, measurement, traceability and data collection are all addressed with EMT’s comprehensive range of SF6 solutions designed to maintain gas quality and asset reliability.

New Upgrades

  • Leak probe upgrade – ultra low level, measures leaks down to 3gm/yr
  • Zerowaste upgrade – ZW Rapide+ one minute testing
  • 0.1 Bar pressure upgrade – ideal for working on smaller breakers
  • CMS upgrade – the unit can run 24/7 taking samples and logging results
  • Additional sensors – including CF4 CO H2S SO2 and HF

Fittings and Accessories


Support Services

  • Customer support – technical and application support
  • Technical support services – maintenance, calibration, repair, and test lab services
  • Product support packages – long term service/maintenance contracts and extended warranties
  • Training program – best practice application-based seminars and workshops
  • Engineering services – task specific SF6 solutions and new product development
  • All covered by our ISO9001 certification ensuring EMT provide maximum support for minimum downtime
Site Services

SF6 Asset Health #1

Preventative maintenance results in optimised maintenance practices, improved network reliability, customer retention, and business efficiency.

Under the scrutiny of Kyoto and F-Gas regulation SF6 gas management, analysis and handling are in focus. With an ageing asset infrastructure, increasing pressure from customers for competitive rates and regulators requiring information on asset health and condition, the utilities industry is operating within the most challenging of climates; success in which can only be achieved by the implementation of asset health practices including preventative maintenance. 

EMT’s site services maintain asset reliability, ensuring long term asset compliance and performance, maximum up-time and security of critical infrastructure. 

EMT’s unrivalled provision delivers the highest level of technical-added-value to clients worldwide. We have a dedicated team providing technical support and field services ensuring equipment is maintained and serviced to meet manufacturer specifications and to deliver the most accurate results. 

EMT News SF6 Solutions

Breathe new life into your SF6 inventory

Our seasonal picks for SF6 gas analysis, handling and leak management. New innovations and a fresh approach to electricity T&D maintenance…

SF6 analysis is a breeze with the Zerowaste Rapide+

SF6 test and measurement are deep rooted in EMT’s world class technology portfolio. SF6 analysis is a breeze with the Zerowaste Rapide+ providing 1 minute rapid testing of up to 10 gas parameters for SF6 purity testing.

Essential SF6 products for your Spring collection

Make SF6 handling, filling, topping up and leak management products part of your Spring collection – essential products for your SF6 kit bag:

New beginnings & new products for EMT customers

Our new gas safety portfolio offers a range of operator and asset safety technologies. We now provide a range of portable gas detectors and personal safety monitors, from single sensor to multi-gas devices, for various applications, from leading manufacturers. And fixed SF6 gas detection safety systems for rapid detection, immediate response, safe area protection.

Spring is a time for plans and projects

EMT can support leak management programs and maintenance schedules. Our SF6 leak detection and repair technologies are designed to prevent, detect, manage and repair SF6 gas leaks, and include corrosion prevention coatings, handheld and fixed leak detection technologies, 24/7 auditable leak control and topping up equipment, and permanent leak remediation products.

Renewed range of SF6 fittings & couplings solutions

Our renewed range of stainless steel and brass SF6 fittings and couplings solutions offer the right fit for any gas compartment. EMT valves, couplings, fittings, regulators, adapters and sampling hoses are the benchmark in safety, efficiency and performance for SF6 gas filling and testing.

From small seeds grow mighty services

Our site support services have blossomed into one of the most comprehensive SF6 service provisions in the industry. The team are now delivering an enhanced range of service packages including:

EMT’s products and services deliver a total SF6 management solution to ensure you have everything you need to keep your SF6 operations running smoothly.